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Feb 15, 2013 5:00am EST
south across the gulf of mexico. with this sort of dip right here, we get these pieces of energy to come through. you'll notice the snow showers coming through chicago this morning. this is going to help push a cold front through us late this afternoon and this evening. down across the gulf coast, look at all the rains coming in across the gulf of mexico, through central and southern florida but we're going to worry about the stuff to the north because that's going to change our weather. fir things first. a mild day. still sunshine lunch time but watch what happens toward mid afternoon as the showers move in through the shenandoah valley. crossing the blue ridge, approaching d.c. by 5:00. by 8:00 rain around. we'll see wet flakes mixing in. overnight some snow showers, especially fort and northeast. this should be the area i think along and north of 70 where if you're going to get an inch of snow, that will be the most likely spot starting out with partly sunny conditions tomorrow. there will be snow showers here, potentially a rain shower toward the coast. it's sunday that the coas
Feb 12, 2013 5:00am EST
battling winter still hanging on. down south things are warming up a little bit. you have more energy to work with in the atmosphere and there are -- and the bigger storms we've gotten have been february into march. we're not talking a big storm but a little storm coming across the region wednesday, wednesday night bringing rain and perhaps a little bit of snow in a few areas. here's a look at your forecast. it's going to be a nice day with sunshine. we've had gusts 30 plus, even 40 plus in the mountains. we'll see lighter winds this afternoon. as temperatures get back. these numbers might be just a hair on the low side. we could be instead of 53 action perhaps 55, 56 -- 53, perhaps 55, 56. we have wind advisories still till 10:00 out towards areas in the blue ridge and shenandoah valley. some of the gusts and elevations will especially be in the 40, 45 mile an hour range, maybe even topping 50. i jumped that too fast of the let's go back. 41 in petersburg. 28 here in d.c. still gusting 30 in hagerstown. cumberland, you're having gusts near 40 miles an hour right now. the winds will c
Feb 13, 2013 5:00am EST
, and president hugo chavez responded. thanks to them, citizens energy is able to deliver millions of gallons of fuel to families just like diane's. i'm joe kennedy. if you need help staying warm this winter, call me at 1-877-joe-4-oil. because no one should be left out in the cold! >>> welcome back. 36 degrees here in washington. a few spots in the upper 20s but the bigger concern today is going to be rain for your afternoon. here's a look at the forecast. we're starting out dry with lots of 30s. rain will develop a little bit earlier in the afternoon. highs in the mid- to upper 40s. a touch of snow possible tonight. more on that coming up in a few minutes. right now inside to monika with timesaver traffic. >>> we're taking a look at new york avenue here at bladensburg road just up ahead, westbound new york avenue at 16th street northeast. a pedestrian struck, two right lanes are blocked. we don't know the condition of the pedestrian but we do know that the driver did stay on the scene. so watch out for that activity. back to you, jess. >> thank you, monika. >>> i've been combing thr
Feb 14, 2013 5:00am EST
snow. behind it we get another piece of energy in bismarck and another piece of energy in montana. ultimately that will push a cold front our way. friday night as the front comes through, we'll get some rain showers tomorrow afternoon. then tomorrow night we may get a period of snow showers which actually could put down some minor accumulations. your forecast we're going to get up to 51 today, a real pleasant day. watch out for the isolated icy spots this morning. tomorrow 56. ahead of the showers in the afternoon and evening. some snow showers tomorrow night, 36. only 39 on saturday. a blustery day. but sunday is the really cold day. highs on sunday in the lower 30s. by monday back into the 40s and then more rain tuesday with a high around 50. we're talking about icy roads. with more on that, here comes monika. >> i was just on the phone with montgomery county police. they tell us with the black ice, there's a lot of slipping and sliding going on. you definitely want to keep your speed limits down because there are several accidents all over town. i'm going to give you a few exam
Feb 19, 2013 5:00am EST
of venezuela, and president hugo chavez responded. thanks to them, citizens energy is able to deliver millions of gallons of fuel to families just like the berios. i'm joe kennedy. if you need help staying warm, call me at 1-877-joe-4-oil. because no one should be left out in the cold! >>> welcome back. your weather fir. it's quiet right now. high clouds in town. in west virginia we have rain and snow at the higher elevations. we'll fast forest this to 9:00. now we have showers coming in from the west. we're going to get through most of the morning rush hour dry i believe. we'll get to the middle of the day. now we have the rain especially along the i-95 corridor for lunch time. this afternoon some showers around. they'll clear late. high temperatures upper 40s to low 50s. >>> good morning, everybody. the guys are all there. the gloves are o. the weather is -- are on. the weather is getting a little bit warmer. spring training is in full force in viera, florida. in a few days we get our first look at the nationals in live practice. davey johnson has named his ace as the starte
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5